Grinch Express

 Again the year comes to an end.

And again all the people are cheerful, come together in small and large groups, celebrate and give each other gifts.

That smell of cinnamon, sugar, hot chocolate, cookie dough baking in the oven and the crunch as you bite into it. This has to stop!

The Bet

But this year, the FTWrinch has set its sights on opposing the hustle and bustle of Medellín and the entire world.

No more Christmas and no more merriment! To achieve this, he forged a plan and made a momentous bet with his adversary, the FTWantaClaus.

The stakes can only be guessed at, but the ambition of the two brawlers is formidable. To win the bet, the FTWrinch calls on all available pilots to support him! In the surrounding area, other helpers have gathered at various airports to be flown to Medellín airport (SKMD) along with masses of Colombian “snow”, coffee, tobacco and material for all sorts of odds and ends.
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Mission - Team Grinch

We fly cargo and helpers to SKMD from locations around SKMD using the airline (PPL/CPL) aircraft parked there.

When enough people and cargo get there, loading for larger aircraft (MPL/ATPL) is provided and we create orders for you through the airline system to distribute the manufactured and packaged goodies.

Each of the two parts will be recorded by FTW and the team with the most orders transported will win!

Ho ho NO!

Pilots can submit aircraft requests for both parts in the event-team discord.
Remember that there can only be flights for MPL and ATPL if enough material and personnel have landed in SKMD.


SKUI - 70nm,
SKOT - 70nm,
SKLC - 116nm,
SKPQ - 125 nm,
MPMG - 288nm

MPTO - 284nm,
TNCA - 502nm,
TXKF - 1686nm,
CYWG - 2844nm,
KMHR - 3148nm

Tubeliner Jobs

Once enough supplies have arrived at our Hub [SKMD] jobs will be published on the market and announced via push message on discord!

You will also recieve an estimate of tomorrows production there!