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Fly the World!

Fly the world is a free web system designed to enhance virtual aviation

Something for everyone

There is space for everyone!
You can buy your own planes in our virtual econnomy, set up an airline together with your friends, or just work as a freelancer for one of the 1000+ airlines out there!

Its Free!

FTW-SIM will always be free to use for everyone, as we are operated by an government aknowledged charity organisation!

Clients and Software

We are offering self coded software for almost every simulator out there, to streamline the usage.

Made by Aiena e.V.

FTW is being developed and maintained by Aiena e.V. – an official aknowledged non profit / charity organisation!
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Fly the World!

We offer you a Free Environment connected to your favorite simulator!

Some translations may still be missing!

The Manual

Reading the manual is an essential part of playing on FTW-SIM! Without reading it, you will probably go bankrupt, or miss out on some of our great features!

wiki & manuals


You can access our simulation, after you have requested your account, and get validated.

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To connect your simulator to our servers, you will have to install and use our own ACARS client – Yaacars.

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What to do on FTW ?

There are too many things you can do with FTW-SIM, we cannot list everything – go check it out!

Our Agents or our great virtual airlines will show you the world!

GA & Private

Rent yourself a small GA-plane, pack some passengers, and take them where they want to go!

After some time, you can even purchase your very own plane, but keep in mind, that you will have to maintain it.


Airport Agent & Charter

You can ask the airport agent or charter agent to look for people who would like to charter a flight.

He will get back to you with some offers, with various routes and offerings.



Many airlines offer some of their flights, and planes on our job-market.

You can fly many bigger planes here without having to own one.



An airline is the best way for you to go, if you bring some friends, and work together.

If an airline is what you want to do,  keep in mind, that running an airline is a lot of hard work, as you have to pay rent, manage your routes and also maintain your fleet!


Our Partners

FTW is proudly using the following providers and hardware by AMD to run our services!