This is the main page for every download needed for FTW to connect to your simulator, as well as some great other downloads!


It is very important to read our WIKI, otherwise you will run into problems.

To use “YAACARS” (ftw flight tracker) with the MSFS you need to use the provided bridge “YASA”.

Other simulators do not need this.

FSUPIC is currently not recommended to be used, due to connection issues.

YAACARS and YASA have been created by the ftw-user “Teddii”, we thank him very much for this contribution.


Yaacars Linux

4.00 KB 92 Downloads

Yaacars (MacOS - Sierra and up)

0.00 KB 130 Downloads

Addons for MSFS 2020

FTW-Airline livery pack

YASA Connector

Addons for X-Plane 11

Yaacars Interface

2.16 KB 531 Downloads

The YAACARS Interface will let you load fuel and payload directly in
X-Plane and in addition it will show you the connection- and tracking
state of the YAACARS client!


Yaacars Load Manager

1.56 KB 347 Downloads

There’s now a basic LoadManager LUA Script for FlyWithLua, that will be able to set fuel and payload when the flight is started.