FTW-SIM Airline liveries

FTW is offering a platform for every FTW airline to share their liveries with the entire FTW-Community!

Please keep in mind, that this is still WIP!


This is important!

Read our FAQ carefully, as you are the only person responsible for your liveries, an error might cause your airline to be permanently excluded from participating in the airline livery program.

To bring all your great liveries into the FTW-Pack, you have to follow those simple guidelines :

You must do :

  • Have the permission

    You have to be the owner of your livery, or have the explicit permission to re-upload the livery.

  • Testing

    Tested your livery yourself, and only changed all necessary configs for your liveries to work.

  • Quality

    Provide high quality liveries, and always obey copyright-laws! The best livery will be chosen every 3 Months by our community, and the winner will be granted some rewards!

Must not do :

  • Do not have the permission

    Illegally use a livery you dont own, or have permission to use

  • Create too wild liveries

    Use liveries with any real life connection, such as names, images, logos, links, designs

  • Config changes

    Change any values which would change the plane behavior. Only change stuff needed for the liveries to work.

General & Format

You can upload as many liveries in one process as you like, just enter the correct information in the “Submit” form.

The liveries must be in a format for the Simulator (MSFS2020)
An example file will be linked soon!

Your zip should look like this : – SimObjects – Airplanes – (your liveryplane name) –  model / textures

Just use the normal pattern you would use, when uploading the livery to the internet.


Update your livery

To update your livery, please repeat the entry process, but tick :”Update”.

A livery update should occur to the next pack-update.


Once your livery has been submitted, we will review it, and check whether it can be used or not.

If your livery gets approved, you will receive an e-mail with some information.

The FTW-Livery pack gets updated regularly on the first Sunday of a new month.

Remove your livery / inactivity

To get your livery removed from our livery pack, please submit a ticket on our discord, or write an E-Mail to [email protected]

Note, that this will also occur once a month.

If your airline is no longer active, please let us know, so we will temporarily remove it.


All liveries should currently be licensed with  the MIT license, this allows us to redistribute your livery.

Your work will not be redistributed, sold, or otherwise uploaded on any other platform by us.

If you would like to license your liveries differently, please let us know.

Monthly Update

The Livery pack will be updated on every first Sunday of the next month, if we have changes available, like new liveries.

Wich Simulators are supported

Currently, the following platforms are supported :

Microsoft Flight Simulator, 2020

Should this concept work well, we will consider offering other simulators, as possible!

Livery of the month

Every month we will pick a livery of the month, which will be on our landing page for the following month!

Checklist for packing the ZIP :


  1.     Create your livery, and pack it into a working archive. Don’t forget to change the aircraft.cfg, and all needed files for your livery to work!
  2.     Ensure you have used effective encoding on all your DDS and PNG files.
        (we will however encode all PNG and DDS files, should they be too large)
  3.     Ensure the livery is working well.


When you are done packing your liveries, and you have double-checked they all work as intended, you can head right here, and upload your liveries to our encrypted upload portal

Fill out our form

Head over to our livery registration platform.

There you need to fill out the available fields, and enter  the download link, previously generated on our Upload Platform.

If you chose to upload with a password, you will have to enter this password here too!

The wait begins!

If you finished both steps, you have successfully registered your livery to our platform, and our team will review your livery, and get back to you asap via e-mail, telling you when the livery will be available.

We will then announce every new airline on our monthly change log. Thank you so much for participating in this program!