YAACARS Download Page

This is the main client for Windows/Linux/Mac to connect FTW to X-Plane, FSX, P3D and MS-FS2020:



release version

testing version

Addons for MS-FS2020

YASA (SimConnect-Adapter for YAACARS)

Download YASA V0.2
- if your setup marks this file as a virus please read on here ...

Download YASA V0.1
- Known issues: payload is not sync'd

Addons for X-Plane

You can use one of these addons to be able to load fuel and payload to your plane directly in X-Plane:


Download YAACARS Interface V2.0
Getting started with the 'YAACARS Interface'

LoadManager (a more basic approach to push fuel and payload)

Download LoadManager V1.1
Getting started with 'LoadManager.lua'

Addons for FSX/P3D

None for now :-( Let me know, if you created one!