All American Airlines

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All American Airlines


Beitrag von ravenblade » Sa 22. Feb 2020, 16:18

For those who are military or paratrooper enthusiasts, you might be interested in "All American Airlines" a community for military veterans of any country and the international Airborne community, or those interested in Airborne/military things. No, you don't have to be American to be part of this community. "All American" is a tribute to the 82nd Airborne Division... the Devils in Baggy Pants who liberated Europe.

We are currently standing up operations in the USA with DC-6B aircraft (you can make the PMDG X-plane 10 version of the DC-6 work on X-plane 11 by following the instructions on this link: https://flightinstructoronline.wordpres ... -plane-11/ ).

While we honor all veterans, especially Paratroopers, we are aviation enthusiasts and humble servants who seek to live in peace. We are not war-mongers. We simply enjoy jumping out of perfectly fine aircraft more than landing in them! However, like any Professional Soldier, we are ready to defend and liberate the oppressed. In other words, we like to help each other.

If "all things militaria" or Airborne Paratroops interests you, and you enjoy flying military personnel and equipment, you may enjoy good company here. Those with "discord" accounts are preferred.

Help build community with other like minds.

Kind regards,

Paratrooper, US Army (501st PIR)

- CEO -
All American Airlines

“The first time I ever saw a jet, I shot it down” --General Chuck Yeager, USAF


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