Fix for PMDG DC-6 on X-plane 11

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Fix for PMDG DC-6 on X-plane 11


Beitrag von ravenblade » Sa 22. Feb 2020, 11:03

Follow the instructions on this website in order to make the XP10 version of PMDG's DC-6 work on X-plane 11:

https://flightinstructoronline.wordpres ... plane-11/

If you run on a 64 bit system, you will also need to remove any 32 bit plugins, which are located in the PMDG aircraft sub directories. Remove them from both the 6A and 6B flight models.



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Fix for PMDG DC-6 on X-plane 11


Beitrag von alexdm » So 1. Mär 2020, 13:26

hi raven blade as I wrote you in PM I followed the instruction at that link but still I have the following problems:

1. front steering wheel not responding
2. Brakes not working
3. When started with AFE or without, after one minute or so, engines 1-4 or 2-3 stop working, and after another minute also the remaining engines stop working.

I wonder if anyone else had this experience and maybe found a fix?



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