LinzAir seeking pilots

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LinzAir seeking pilots


Beitrag von linzamin » Mo 7. Jan 2019, 17:23

LinzAir is a new company that currently offers one 300 nm route from Linz, Austria (LOWL) to Florence, Italy (LIRQ) with plans to expand to other locations in Italy.

The company operates 3 aircraft; the Saab 340 (37 economy passengers only), Cessna 208 Grand Caravan (6 business passengers only) and the Cessna Citation II business jet (12 business passengers only). The Grand Caravan is configured for 6 seats that gives it a comfort index of 2.00 so that it generates the same income as the Citation 12-seater.

If you would like to gain some experience with a small airline and log some company hours, consider flying with LinzAir.

Pilots for LinzAir receive 30% payment.

If you should decide to fly for LinzAir, be patient if there are not enough passengers to fill up the planes. I will monitor the route and adjust the number of passengers generated by the system based on the number of pilots wanting to join LinzAir.

For new FTW pilots, be aware that you can add multiple jobs to a flight in order to fill up the plane. Please choose the older jobs first.

If you have any questions, just ask.

Happy flying!



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