WizzAir searches you!

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WizzAir searches you!


Beitrag von PilotSven » Di 24. Mär 2020, 14:33

Dear FTW Pilots,
Wizz Air is a fast growing company in real life. We try to perform our FTW Flights as realistic as possible. We´ve got the real Wizz procedures for scheduled IFR flights. We are working hard to create real routes and aircrafts of Wizz! The salary is much higher for pilots in the company as for external pilots.
So, if you´re interested in realistic aviation, join Wizz!
You can text PilotSven or you can directly join our discord channel ( https://discord.gg/M6k2wh).

Any questions? No problem, just contact me!
I am really excited about our upcoming cooperation and realistic flights.



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