What to consider when purchasing and aircraft

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What to consider when purchasing and aircraft


Beitrag von mehamrick » Mi 30. Okt 2019, 03:20

I am curious as i look at aircraft and prices. is it better to get an older plane cheaper with more engine hours on it? or a newer plane that is more expensive with less engine hours on it?

Does it really matter? or does the age effect the repair quotient? ie does it need to be repaired more often if its an older plane?


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What to consider when purchasing and aircraft


Beitrag von Teddii » Mi 30. Okt 2019, 06:27

The total block time of the plane seems to matter. From 10,000 hrs on it will end up in much higher repair costs over time. Might still be a good deal, but maybe not for daily long-distance flights, because the repairs sums up more quickly.
Engine time does not has any effect right now AFAIK.
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