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von guohexiang
Sa 16. Nov 2019, 17:41
Thema: boss has left the building
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boss has left the building

I can invite you to my airline and help you. Then you will be able to fly my 738 that is now in EPWR. You will be able to rent it as you wish, paying for the rental. However, if you want to move the plane by OTTO or change its seat configuration, you will bear the cost of it. Let me know if you are ...
von guohexiang
Mi 6. Nov 2019, 05:38
Forum: FTW-Support
Thema: Bug: Jobs After Deadline erledigt
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Bug: Jobs After Deadline erledigt

There is a bug. There are jobs all over the place that did not vanish although they expired yesterday.

I'm sorry, I should have posted it in the forum with bugs.
von guohexiang
So 3. Nov 2019, 16:07
Forum: FTW-Support
Thema: FTW jobs
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FTW jobs

There might be some hidden, unpublic routes set. FTW jobs have no impact on the capacity of the airport AFAIK.
von guohexiang
Sa 2. Nov 2019, 11:38
Forum: FTW-Hangar
Thema: "One Wish" Umfrage / Survey erledigt
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"One Wish" Umfrage / Survey erledigt

I have a couple of ideas. But I guess No1 would be to have an option to set the individual limit of jobs generated for any given route so that no more pax/cargo are generated than needed without having to manually switch routes on/off.
von guohexiang
Di 29. Okt 2019, 07:36
Forum: FTW-Support
Thema: Fixkosten erledigt
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Fixkosten erledigt

Wie sind Fixkosten bezahlt - dh sind Fixkosten die Menge die mit jedem Flug bezahlt ist? Oder sind sie die Menge die man für jede Stunde bezahlen muss? Oder sind sie etwas noch anderes?
von guohexiang
So 22. Sep 2019, 04:03
Thema: YAACARS - XACARS-Plugin replacement
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YAACARS - XACARS-Plugin replacement

Recently I get some Internet connection problems. Do I need a constant access to the Internet thrughout the flight for YACCARS to record the flight or is it enough to get the Internet access while starting and completing the flight only?
von guohexiang
Mo 9. Sep 2019, 07:27
Forum: [GER,EN] Aircraft-Administration
Thema: Buisiness Jets / Privat Jets
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Buisiness Jets / Privat Jets

Hi, what are their CMP? I do not see this information in the hangar. I am particularly interested in BBJ2.
von guohexiang
So 26. Mai 2019, 12:17
Forum: FTW-Support
Thema: Defueling
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You do not get refund for defueling.
von guohexiang
Mi 8. Mai 2019, 07:10
Forum: FTW-Support
Thema: Transportindex
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1. Aufträge von Fluggesellschaft.
2. Der TPI sinkt wenn Aufträge generiert sind.
von guohexiang
Mo 29. Apr 2019, 12:36
Forum: Wünsche
Thema: PIN und FTW Herald GELÖST
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Es waere hilfreich ein Pin bekommen, wenn neue FTW Herald Ausgabe herausgegeben ist.

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